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True friendship is hard to come by, so when we do luck out and find some real true friends, it is good to show them we appreciate their friendship. Gifts-N-Greetings offers custom poems written especially for your friends. If you would like to tell your friend how important he/she is in your life, and that you appreciate their friendship, we can write that poem for you. 

Gifts-N-Greeting's poems are designed for framing. Your friend will love Gifts-N-Greeting's poems and will be so proud to hang it on the wall. 


If your friends like sincere friendship poems, they will like one of our poems. We have several in stock already written, which can be modified. or we can write you a custom poem. You may want one we have in stock, but personalized. We can do that too. We write sincere poems that will tug at anyone's heartsrtings. If you want to incorporate memories of the past into your poem, we can do that as well.

Is your friend getting married? Is it his or her birthday? Did he or she just graduate? Did one of your freinds pass away and  you want a funeral tribute? For whatever reason  you might need a friendship poem, we can help. We write poems for anyone, about anyone, any place, or anything. Whether it is a poem for Christmas, a birthday, graduation, or a wedding, we can write the perfect poem. It will be a gift that she will treasure forever. Our poems are printed for framing; they make great wall poems.

Read the friendship poem snippet below. If you like it, and we can be of assistance in writing a poem for you to give to your friend, please contact us .

Poem to a friend to express how much you appreicate their friendship.


Giving a friendship poem is a way to let your friends know that you appreciate them as well as giving them a fantastic wall gift.

We have several poems in stock. If you want a custom poem for your friend, send us specs; we will write you one.

Poems can be set up for any size you need, but if we print it for you, it must not be over 11" x 17" because we cannot print any larger.


You may contact us by filling out the form below. If you want us to repsond, please double check your contact information. We try are trying to respons to everyone, but sometimes one can slip through the cracks. Please, if you need a poem or want us to contact you for any reason, and we do not, then send e-mail or try this form again.


Thanks for filling out form! I will contact you if you left contact information. If you do not hear from me, please contact me again.

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